Empowering Children through Horses and Nature

Welcome to IPoney, a place where we accompany people and horses in the development of the healthiest and most sustainable version of themselves.


Outdoor Shared Experiences

What 's available?

Through professional experience, emotional and environmental education, and knowledge of equine culture, we want to offer a safe and protected space where you can learn and discover horses and nature.

Flowers on Wood

Values and Aspirations

We draw on all of our experience in the equestrian sector to develop a balanced and stable human-horse relationship, based on four axes, or the 'legs of the table', so that all individuals involved feel comfortable and respected.

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Pedagogical Projects

An individualized experience


Educational Leisure Workshops

Two hours of discovering equine culture


The Mowglis

Respectful play group

Net & Coworking

Professional consultancy of similar projects

Image by Josh Mills

"You just have to try, it doesn't have to be perfect"

Noora Ehnqvist


“We found the workshop very interesting. especially to J. who has removed one of his fears ... and that's a lot for a 2-hour exercise. Eskerrik asko "


"Trying to experience, obtain, receive different feelings and sensations with the natural environment and animals"


"Transmit and participate with a young person, understand contact with animals, living beings and natural environments, without seeming an attraction, but from closeness and feeling their way of life."