Sun through the Branches


  • Facilitate the development of healthy and sustainable habits to achieve the best version of humans and horses, offering a space for development in nature shared with equines.

  • We draw on all of our experience in the equestrian sector to develop a balanced and stable human-horse relationship, based on four axes, or the 'legs of the table', so that all individuals involved feel comfortable and respected.


  • Develop safe and protected spaces for inter-species enjoyment and learning

  • Generate a space that creates opportunities

  • To promote the experiential learning of equine culture.

  • Promote knowledge through play

  • Promote cooperative work and professional network in the processes of respectful accompaniment of people and equines

The 4 bases to establish a balanced and stable relationship

1. Physical


  • Safe spaces

  • Community integration

  • Accessibility

  • Design of spaces





  • Inform about equine culture

  • Finding the balance in mutual development

2. Emotional


  • Warmth and emotional accompaniment

  • Personalization

  • Playing



  • Promote respect and empathy

  • Defend human rights

  • Defend the horse's 5 freedoms

3. Conscious professionals

  • Express affectivity

  • Positive affective bonds

  • Conscious and respectful planning




  • Conscious multidisciplinary team

  • Generate opportunities

4. Active Participation

  • Protagonism for all

  • Learning about self-concept, self-care and resilience



  • Time to build a safe space